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True Stories of People in Recovery

True Stories of People in Recovery: Finding Healing from Life’s Hurts, Addictions, and Compulsive Behaviors shares how thirteen people

who were in the pit of despair found freedom and now live abundant lives. Some struggled with addiction, others with depression and suicidal thoughts, some with codependency. All share a common solution: a real, passionate love relationship with Jesus Christ. By following their examples, you too can:

  • Break out of denial and find ultimate healing
  • Build new, healthy relationships and restore broken ones
  • Discover your true purpose through a love relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Live the honest, authentic, abundant life
  • Experience the joy of helping others as you share your experience, strength, and hope








Beyond Coincidence

Everything in author Shirley Luckadoo’s life seemed perfect: a loving husband, three adorable boys, successful careers, and a comfortable lifestyle. But underneath the 

facade was a debilitating addiction to alcohol that threatened to destroy Shirley, Gerry, and their family.
Years later, God enabled them to leave their addiction. He restored their family and united them in ministry. Life still had challenges, though, as Shirley faced losing Gerry after his prolonged illness, the tragic death of their grandson, a broken neck, and breast cancer.
It was the near-fatal car accident and subsequent three months of bed rest that God used to prompt Shirley to begin writing. Looking back on her life, Shirley now sees that seemingly random events were not mere coincidences but “God moments,” where God opened opportunities for her to grow, to change, and to love again.
Her new book, Beyond Coincidence: God Moments Amid Life’s Challenges, Volume 1, begins with Shirley’s testimony as she shares how God intervened during critical times in her life. The book is then divided into chapters full of true stories and related spiritual insights.
Whether it is discussing sickness and despair, grief and tragedy, addiction and recovery, or daily Christian living, Shirley uses the Bible and her learned perspective over the years to show how situations in life are not mere coincidences, but God-appointed moments intended to draw us closer to Him.
When we invite God into our lives, He transforms us. As you read Shirley’s new book, you will be challenged to reflect on your own life and look for your own “God moments” that the Lord wants to use to help you grow and enjoy the abundant life He promises in John 10:10: “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.”